Body-Mind Training for Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance

Swedish Mediyoga is designed from the tantric yoga tradition which is one of the oldest forms of yoga that man knows. Much inspiration has been drawn from kundalini yoga as well as ayurveda, the more than thousand year old Indian healing art and with components from traditional Chinese medicine.

The core of Swedish Mediyoga is to create increased balance physically, mentally and emotionally. Swedish Mediyoga is structured to be able to be practiced for therapeutic purposes.

Swedish Mediyoga is a form of body-mind training, a holistic training that quiets the mind, increases body awareness and balances the body's nervous- and hormone systems. Swedish Mediyoga also contributes to increased mobility, flexibility and strength. The focus within Swedish Mediyoga is not only the physiological but on all aspects, the person as an energy being, the whole.

Swedish Mediyoga, through research and clinical evaluation, creates a regulated and quality-assured form of yoga for Swedish health and medical care system as well as for private yoga practitioners. Everyone who teaches Swedish Mediyoga has medical background and knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology.


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  • If you would like more background and information about Swedish Mediyoga, visit the Swedish website, which translates easily to other languages:  

  • Since 1998, Mediyoga Sweden has participated in 90% of the scientific research on yoga in Sweden. You will find more information via the Research pages of MediYoga:


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