Interview with Ellen Engvall

Women's health and wellbeing has been the focus of Ellen's work and life since she was 20 years old. She has a long clinical experience of working with women. 


How is she looking back on these years?


And where does she stand and do today?

Balance body and mind and be responsible yourself!
“They called me a Searcher when I was a young adult. I started to take responsibility and care for my body and health when I was around 20. Back then I was searching for the purpose of life and started practicing meditation regularly. As a teenager I thought life was meaningless and asked myself the question “Why do we live?” very often. I was not depressed but just wondering what it was that all of us were doing on this planet, so I explored my environment and was wondering over many things.


Today I know for sure that mediation does incredible things to the brain. In 2000 I started doing yoga myself because I became curious and interested. I did meditation since I was 20 and a little later I explored Qigong. During my exploration and searching period I was strongly feeling and thinking: there must be something more and stronger to touch within myself. Balancing and developing myself has always been interesting me.

Be in charge

I am a registered nurse since 1986 and midwife since 1996.  After an episode with my back, where I barely couldn’t breathe I dove into reflexology. It was a way of studying life through your body and I learned a lot about body reading. How to use the body as a tool to get rid of stress, to balance and start up your own healing. The body is really good with that in the right circumstances! I was running a reflexology school between 1996-2005, training reflexologists and treating hundreds of people.


The health care system provides us with medicine and scientific knowledge but people need to take care of their health themselves as well. I worked for more than ten years as a Reflexologist with people and most of them wanted me to fix them. They came to me, I would help them and after a while they would fall back in their old habits. It becomes very clear: to get better in body and mind, people need to do and participate in the work actively themselves. Teaching MediYoga was a logical next step to have a tool to teach people how to take care of their health and wellbeing and to understand their needs. I am a MediYoga teacher/therapist since 2009


A big turning point in my life was becoming a mother. My first child changed me sooo much! I was a mother and I had to deal with myself. That actually started my personal development and work. I was 25 and I had to be a mother while I was not ready yet.


Motherhood limited me. It took away my autonomy, I couldn’t decide about my time anymore. At the same time I was in the process of finding out who I am, and suddenly I had a child. I was young and not thinking. And didn’t understand the consequences of being a mother. How would you know if no one tells you. Most people still think babies are cute, sweet and wonderful and that you will be happy.


With the knowledge I have, I would advise women who decide to become mothers to talk with many different women who have children already and ask them how it is to be a mother before you step into it. In early days we lived in communities and had that knowledge around us all the time. Today many people are far away from grasping what this means. That’s why elderly and experienced women should share their knowledge and younger should search for the wisdom the older women have.


With my second daughter I was more mature, 43 years and I was practising pregnancy yoga. The yoga was super good, but the teachers didn’t know anything about pregnant womens bodies and the medical side. Pregnancy yoga is absolutely great for motherhood preparation so I started teaching pregnancy yoga. Thereafter I created hormone balance yoga as there are so many women that need help with how to do to feel better with the hormone changes during life. I picked certain movements and techniques for enhanced effect on the hormone glands and suddenly I created my new job!


Through my own experiences I created an alternative way to help women with their health and finding stability and strength within. The regular approach with yoga here in the western society is often not enough to work with infertility and hormone problems, it has to including everything, so I take on a holistic approach and also include lifestyle, stress and food.”

Radiant Women - Yoga for Women

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