Ellen Engvall

Mediyoga Teacher/therapist/educator/Reflexologist/Nurse/Midwife

Ellen Engvall is a registered nurse since 1986 and trained midwife since 1996, Reflexologist since 1996, MediYoga teacher/therapist/educator since 2009 trained in Sweden and trained by Dinah Rodrigues in hormone yoga 2009. She is also a mother of two daughters and a passionate tango dancer.


“I have worked and studied all areas concerning women's health for many years. Working with women has always been and still is an inspiration. Over the years it also taught me that people need to take care of and be responsible for their own health and for their wellbeing. You will find all the knowledge and tools you need in my classes, workshops and lectures, welcome to get inspired!"

Stockholm & Amsterdam

"My work is mainly based in Sweden and from spring 2020 also in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The holistic approach of the Swedish MediYoga is taught and practised in about 250 hospitals, health care centres and rehabilitation centres throughout Sweden.

I have been teaching Swedish MediYoga since 2009 and training teachers in MediYoga prenatal and hormone balance since 2012. This concept I have created myself. Since 2014 I have also been training instructors and teachers in MediYoga, organized by MediYoga Sweden. I have had the opportunity to work with many women in many different places with good results in the area of stress management, pregnancy, hormone balance, and specifically infertility, PMS and menopaus symtoms.


Today I live in Stockholm and Amsterdam. I have two daughters and a wonderful partner. I never skip my daily yoga practise and I am passionate about tango and dance as often I can. I love to be in nature, hiking, biking, meeting friends, and I travel frequently. My favourite flower is the peony, maybe because the small hard bud when it starts blooming it shows her chaotic, beautiful and energetic character and presence."

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